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Trust Administration In 1996, Bill began dual representations of death care operators and their trustees.  Trustee administration of either preneed accounts or maintenance care accounts will always be dependent upon data provided by the death care operator.  Achieving the greatest possible return from a death care trust requires avoiding administrative redundancies and a clear understanding of the parties’ respective duties and liabilities.  The trust instrument is crucial to setting out the respective duties to the parties and their respective regulators and auditors.  Bill’s services regarding trust administration include the following:  Preparation of Trust Instruments, Written Policies and Procedures Preneed Administration Compliance* Preneed Trust State Regulatory Reporting* Section 685 Reporting and Compliance* Care Trust Administration and Compliance* Care Trust Section 642i Reporting* Reg 9 Prudent Investor Compliance Pooled Investment Funds and OCC Exemption Compliance Tax Reporting and State Law Compliance Assessments *For information about administrative services related to these topics, visit the Preneed Resource Company website    
Focused on the legal needs of the death care industry and the preneed clientèle.
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